'The Curtain, 2021, acrylic on linen

Presence/Absence (ongoing)

These paintings are part of a small body of work reflecting on openings. I've found myself particularly intrigued by gates and curtains. They are, very often, semi-transparent, allowing the eye to wander beyond the foot. The implication, however, is not one of welcome but of protection or even exclusion. They mark a space as private, set apart from common use. In this sense they embody the tension of intimacy and safety we so often find at the center of our own hurts. Reflecting that intimacy, these canvases are made of discarded linen bedsheets.

'The Gate #1', 2021, acrylic on linen, 20"x26"
'The Gate #2', 2021, acrylic on linen, 20"x26"