'Untitled', 2022, cooler liners, 30"x36"

Found Object Compositions

My work often finds its origins in objects otherwise left behind or set to the side. Occasionally I find the items themselves so compelling I'm unable to do much more than arrange them. It remains a crucial part of my practice, keeping me open far beyond the ability and limitations of my own imagination.

'Space, Enclosed', 2022, wire, 78"x48"
'Untitled (found circles)', 2021, painted wood, steel, 14"x20"
'Untitled', 2022, paper napkins, 24"x16"
'Untitled', 2021, steel, 3"x4"x3"
'Untitled', 2021, steel, 6"x6"x6"
'Untitled', 2017, fiber on panel, 9"x14"
'Untitled', 2022, paper, foam & rubber, 24"x42"