'Moving The Line' 2021, wood & fabric, 10"x15"x30"

Discomfiture (ongoing)

Furniture expresses power: the seat; at the table; chairman. When seeking to show a change of power, many institutions invite some level of representation “to the table.” Who built the table, who the furniture is designed for, or whether that furniture meets the needs of the moment goes unquestioned. This body of work explores the possibilities of that deeper questioning through the disassembly and remaking of institutional furniture. Breaking it into its constituent parts and examining elements that might otherwise go unseen invites a radical reexamination of the status quo, a direct challenge to self-preserving power.

'Interwoven' 2022, fabric & wood, 44"x16"
'Pound of Flesh', 2022, wood, fabric & foam, 64"x16"x15'
'Color Blind, I' 2022, wood & fabric, 48"x34"
'Excavations' 2023, wood, fabric, foam, wool, 56"x56"x8"
'Stable Precarity', 2022, wood & steel, 26"x26"x13'
'Vestiges I' 2022, wood, 12"x21"
'Vestiges II' 2022, wood, 64"x48"
'Vestiges III' 2022, wood, 12"x9"
'Impossible ladders' 2022, wood, 12"x84"
'Untitled', 2022, steel & paper, 13"x26"x18"
'Untitled', 2022, steel & paper